Miti-GOAT for Wildfire Preparedness

Castle Pines Welcomes 300 Goats for Fire Mitigation


Miti-GOAT 2019

Saturday, June 22, 2019

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

PineRidge Open Space (near the intersection of Castle Pines Parkway and PineRidge Trail)


Event Activities:

  • See the goats in action
  • Meet local firefighters
  • Learn important fire mitigation and safety tips
  • Enjoy goat-themed activities for kids
  • Talk to biotech students from Rock Canyon High School who have won numerous awards for their multi-year study of the effects of goats on the ecosystem


Colorado is drought-free for the first time in twenty years, but that doesn’t change the need for fire mitigation efforts in the naturally wooded neighborhoods of Castle Pines. In fact, the wet spring weather has provided the perfect growing conditions for fire-prone vegetation.


The City of Castle Pines is designated as a Wildland-Urban Interface by the Colorado State Forest Service, meaning that the homes and businesses in Castle Pines are located near natural areas, making them more susceptible to fire.


This year, two Castle Pines neighborhoods - PineRidge and Buffalo Ridge - have committed to adapt their open spaces for community safety and wildland stewardship. They are hiring 300 goats to eat through oak groves to reduce the volatile fuels that threaten homes and the natural areas that surround them.


The goal of using goats in fire mitigation is to decrease tall and sprawling vegetation to prevent fire from spreading quickly and from reaching tall trees where it is harder to put out.


So, Why Goats?

  • They’re natural fertilizers: They fertilize, till the soil, and have special enzymes in their stomachs that destroy weed seeds so they are not passed in their poop.

  • They love leaves: After goats eat all the leaves, plants spend their energy growing new leaves instead of strengthening their roots. Without leaves, plants are unable to photosynthesize. After several goat-munches, the plants weaken and diminish.

2019 Participating Castle Pines HOAs


The Estates at Buffalo Ridge



Did You Know?

  • For each $1.00 spent on disaster mitigation, society saves an average of $4.00.
  • A FEMA-commissioned study found that mitigation is a smart financial investment for individuals, states and communities because it helps reduce disaster relief costs and tax losses.