Village Square Revitalization

Re-energizing Our Commercial Core

In 2012, with the help of Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI), the City conducted a Community Visioning and Strategic Assessment to examine potential actions for short- and long-term community and economic revitalization. With the new library coming to Village Square in 2016, there was an opportunity to re-evaluate our community needs and fine tune strategies to spur economic growth in the area.
DCI defined the construction of a new library as a catalyst opportunity where Castle Pines can capitalize on this investment to encourage revitalization of the greater Village Square area.


Short-term recommendations included better defining the Village Square area through changing traffic patterns, improving landscaping, enhancing medians, and improving pedestrian access and amenities. Short-term recommendations also encourage programming – or activities that inspire interaction such as chalk walls, climbing walls, etc. – throughout the area.
Longer-term recommendations included a comprehensive wayfinding program, potential road realignments, and encouraging live/work development in the area.

Project Resources

City of Castle Pines Contact:

Sam Bishop

Community Development Director




Making Progress on City Goals

The Village Square Commercial Core Revitalization Project supports the City Council's strategic planning goals related to economic development and community.


EconomicEconomic Development:

Proactively influence the vitality of Castle Pines’ gateway commercial area.



Create opportunities and physical places to foster a sense of belonging  and personal investment in Castle Pines.