Traffic signCity traffic engineering services include a range of transportation-related components.

Traffic Signals

The Public Works Department is responsible for the operations and maintenance of all City traffic signals and school beacons. The department updates traffic signal timing and coordination to minimize delays and maximize the flow of traffic through and around the City.

Report a Problem

To report an issue with a traffic signal or school beacon, contact us.

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are intended to give direction and provide traffic control to pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicles utilizing the transportation system. Public Works regularly inspects traffic and street signs for condition and functionality, replacing faded or damaged signs from vandalism or traffic accidents.

Report a Problem

To report a damaged or missing traffic sign, contact us.

Pavement Markings

Pavement markings are used to regulate and provide guidance to vehicles traveling within the public right-of-ways. These markings need to be highly visible and clearly stated to promote safety on our City streets.

Street Striping

Public Works maintains the striping on the streets including the double yellow down the center as well as the white lane and edge striping. The department generally re-stripes streets in the spring.


To protect pedestrians, crosswalk markings and stop bars are repainted on an as-needed basis as part of the Public Works’ annual maintenance program.

Staff Contact

Larry Nimmo 
Public Works Director