Snow and Ice Management

Preparing for Winter

The City of Castle Pines Public Works department is responsible for snow and ice removal on public streets within the City.

Snow Removal

City staff and plow operators begin planning far in advance of the first snowfall. When snow is predicted, snow removal personnel report for duty and are assigned designated snow routes.


Every snow event is different and we regularly make adjustments to our snow removal operations based on the changing weather conditions in order to ensure the City’s 36 miles of roadway and 127 cul-de-sacs are properly maintained. 

Our Snow Removal Goals

  • Maintain emergency service access to all City streets.
  • Plow Major Roadways frequently enough that primary streets are passable at all times. Minor Roadways will be plowed throughout the storm as quickly as conditions allow.

Road Priorities

Public streets will be maintained according to the following priorities and criteria:

  • Priority 1 (Major Roadways): These streets are the City’s primary arterial streets, have four or more travel lanes or have been designated by the City as a street that is of critical importance to the residents of Castle Pines. These include streets that provide access to school zones and major office areas. Ex. Castle Pines Pkwy., Monarch Blvd., Lagae Rd., Buffalo Trail.
  • Priority 2 (Minor Roadways): These streets are residential streets and cul-de-sacs that have not previously been identified as a major roadway. Ex. Forest Park Dr., Hidden Point Blvd., Yorkshire Dr.
Tips for Residents:
  • The City and Douglas County require residents and business owners to remove snow from sidewalks within 24 hours after the snowfall ends. Areas around school bus stops, fire hydrants, power boxes and storm drains must be kept clear and accessible.
  • Vehicles parked or stalled on the street restrict or prevent access and hinder the City’s efforts. Whenever possible, avoid parking vehicles on City streets during a snow or ice storm.
  • It is recommended that residents wait to shovel sidewalks until after a plow has been through, to avoid re-shoveling snow that’s been redistributed onto the sidewalk by a plow.
  • Do not shovel snow into the roadway; place it in your yard or landscaping instead. This provides needed moisture to your plants and grass and reduces snow and ice build-up in the street and gutter.
  • Use caution when driving near a snowplow. Slow down and be patient. 
Stay Informed:
  • During a snow event, the City of Castle Pines will share timely updates via Facebook. Follow the City to get the latest information.
  • All severe winter storm reports and updates will be posted on the City’s website, and, when appropriate, shared through the City’s email distribution system. 

Snow Removal Responsibility

Privately maintained streets are the responsibility of the local homeowners association. Areas not maintained by the City, include:

  • Amber Ridge
  • Broadwick
  • Buffalo Ridge
  • Canterbury Park
  • Castle Pointe
  • Coyote Crossing
  • The Crossings
  • Daniel’s Ridge
  • Esperanza
  • Forest Park
  • Hamlet
  • Lifestyle
  • Turquoise Terrace
  • Ventanna
  • Whisper Canyon

Ice Management 

Castle Pines uses a product called Ice Slicer to melt the ice, which is also used by many other municipalities along the Front Range. The product is a unique blend of natural chlorides that outperforms liquid anti-icing chemicals and rock salt, and also requires fewer applications. Don’t be alarmed by the “reddish” color of the product on the roads as that helps accelerate ice melt by absorbing 50% more of the sun’s radiant energy than white deicing products.

Staff Contact

Brad Meyering

Public Works Project Manager