Right of Way Permits

Permitting Information

The Public Works Department issues all right-of-way construction, grading and utility permits (excluding building permits) for the construction of public infrastructure within the City of Castle Pines. Any work performed inside the City of Castle Pines right-of-way (ROW) or easements must have a valid Right-of-Way Use and/or Construction Permit and/or an Access Permit.


The storage of materials and equipment within the public ROW also requires a permit. This permit is issued to ensure public safety and reduction of future maintenance issues. The permit holder must call the Public Works Inspection Department, 303.705.0216, at least 24 hours (one business day), but not more than 120 hours, in advance of commencing work or penalties associated with a “Stop Work” order may apply. 

Right-of-Way Forms

Right-of-Way permit applications

Right-of-Way permit procedures and bonding requirements 


Staff Contact

Larry Nimmo 
Public Works Director