Planning & Zoning

Development Applications

Pre-Submittal Application (pdf)

Land Use Application (pdf)

Variance Application (pdf)

​Fee Schedules

Current Fee Schedule (pdf)

Sign Permits

The City requires sign permits for all signs that exceed six (6) square feet in area. A sign permit will be required at any time the sign area is increased. Some signs are specifically prohibited (view examples and regulations), while political and campaign signs are regulated separately.

Sign Permit Process

  1. Fill out a Sign Permit Application (pdf)
  2. Submit the application with the following requirements: 

    • ​​A dimensioned drawing showing sign message, sign construction, and a site plan showing location, setbacks, height, and sign area of all proposed and existing signage

    • Letter with landlord approval

    • Amount of total project cost

    • Appropriate fee determined by planning staff

  3. Community Development planning staff will review the sign permit application for accuracy and conformity and will determine approval status.

  4. Once the sign permit has been approved and issued, a sign inspection is required after installation.

Note: An electrical permit is required by the Building Division if the sign is illuminated. An illuminated sign is separate and distinct from a sign permit. A sign permit will not be released until an electrical permit has been issued for the address and there is verification of the ability to control the signage lighting. 

Sign Permit Cost

There is a $20.00 base fee + $1 per square foot. In addition, the Castle Pines will assess a Use Tax (2.75 % of the total sign cost (material and labor).

​Planning Documents

2014 Three Mile Plan (pdf)

2014 Three Mile Plan Maps (pdf)

City of Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan

Douglas County Planning Documents

Comprehensive Master Plan

Subdivision Resolution

Zoning Resolution