Upcoming Lagae Roundabout and Road Detour

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - 5:01pm

A new Lagae Road detour and a new roundabout at Lagae Road and Mira Vista will open the week of February 6. Families with children attending American Academy and Village residents who frequently use Gate 5, will experience changes to their daily routines. Please use extra caution as we all get used to the new traffic patterns.


Lagae Roundabout

Please slow down and take your time when driving through the new roundabout at Lagae Road and Mira Vista, which feeds into American Academy. Since we don’t have a lot of roundabouts in our community, here are some quick reminders on how to navigate them:

  • Traffic in roundabouts always travels counterclockwise
  • Look to the left and yield to drivers already in the roundabout before entering
  • Stopping before entering is not required, but you may need to stop and wait for a gap in traffic
  • Make sure to stay in your lane as you navigate the roundabout
  • Look for pedestrians and use your turn signal before exiting
    Lagae Road roundabout map

Lagae Detour

The new Lagae Road detour and traffic pattern is designed to accommodate construction of the Lagae Road realignment. Traffic on the road will be re-routed until Oct. 2017.


These road improvements are part of the construction of the Lagae Ranch development. Learn out more about Lagae Ranch or contact the construction team at (303) 537-8020.