Understanding Home Rule and how it impacts other entities within the City

Friday, April 12, 2019 - 1:47pm

The City has received some questions about how Home Rule will affect other organizations within the community. Here’s an explanation:


Q: What does Home Rule mean for organizations such as the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District (CPNMD) and the Castle Pines Master Association?


A: Both the CPNMD and Master Association were created by the voters within their boundaries and are separate legal entities under Colorado state law. They have their own responsibilities and legal guidelines they must follow. The two entities can only be dissolved or modified by a vote of the people within their respective boundaries. Therefore, there is no impact to either organization if voters choose to support a change to Home Rule on May 14.


The Home Rule ballot question coming before voters asks residents whether to approve a new City Charter as presented by the City of Castle Pines Home Rule Charter Commission.


Find more FAQs about Home Rule and read the proposed Home Rule Charter in its entirety by visiting https://engage.castlepinesco.gov/home-rule.