Council Wrap-up from May 9

Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 1:50pm

PaRC Plan Presentation

The final Parks and Recreation Comprehensive (PaRC) Plan was presented. The PaRC Plan addresses community-driven needs and desires for recreational facilities, trails, open spaces, and recreation programs throughout the community. It also includes an action plan for potential future projects that identify timelines, potential costs and responsibilities. View the entire PaRC Plan online.     

Liquor License Hearing: Street Smart Media, LLC d/b/a Golden Flame Hot Wings

The Liquor License Hearing for Golden Flame Hot Wings was postponed and rescheduled to Tuesday, May 23


Ordinance No. 17-04 Approving the Lagae Ranch Planned Development & Amending the Official Zoning Map

Community Development staff provided a brief overview of the Ordinance and outlined the proposed changes to the zoning map. This was the first reading of Ordinance No. 17-04 and there was no discussion. The second reading of the Ordinance will appear on the May 23 City Council agenda.


Resolution No. 17-08, First Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Safebuilt Colorado, Inc. for Building Inspection Services 

Resolution No. 17-08 proposes to amend the City's current contract with Safebuilt Colorado for building inspection services to increase the City's contracted staff support. City Council requested that approval of the Resolution be postponed in order to clarify roles and responsibilities of the position. The Resolution will be added to a future City Council agenda.