Council Wrap-up from March 14

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 - 4:55pm

Presentation Regarding Small Cell Facilities

Ken Fellman with the Colorado Communications and Utility Alliance (CCUA) gave an informational overview of small cell facilities and current legislation affecting telecommunications. Small Cell Facilities refer to antenna devices that are part of a larger cellular network which supports the use of mobile data traffic. Colorado House Bill 17-1193, regarding the installation and permitting of small cell facilities, was introduced in February 2017 and passed the House on March 7. The CCUA will continue to monitor and update its members on the progress of this bill and its impact on Colorado communities. 


The CCUA is a governmental organization comprised of Colorado cities and counties who collaboratively protect the interests of their communities in all matters related to local telecommunications issues including telecommunications law and policy, cable franchising, rights-of-way management, and more. 

First Reading of Ordinance 17-02 Approved

Black Hills/Colorado Gas Utility Company d/b/a Black Hills Energy submitted a franchise application to the City of Castle Pines to utilize City streets and other City property for the provision of natural gas utility service within the City. Black Hills Energy will provide natural gas service to the residential areas within The Canyons. The mixed use area of The Canyons and all other areas of the City are served with natural gas by Xcel Energy. Ordinance No. 17-02 would approve the franchise and franchise agreement with Black Hills Energy.


A public hearing will be held on Tuesday, April 11 at 6:00 p.m. at 360 Village Lane to consider approval of Ordinance No. 17-02 upon second reading. 

First Reading of Ordinance 17-03 Approved

Ordinance No. 17-03 amends Chapter 7 of the Castle Pines Municipal Code by adding a new Article 8 entitled "Beekeeping". The ordinance proposes to allow beekeeping within the City while establishing requirements for sound beekeeping practices. Council was presented a draft beekeeping ordinance at the February 28 Council meeting and changes were made based on feedback from Council and beekeeping professionals. At the March 14 meeting, a revised version of Ordinance No. 17-03 was presented and first reading was approved. A second reading of the ordinance will be scheduled in April.