Council Wrap-up from January 24

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - 1:40pm

Shea Homes Update on the Canyons

Shea Homes Colorado updated City Council on the progress and plans for development in The Canyons. In December of 2015, Shea purchased 1270 acres of property on the east side of I-25. Since that time, they have been working to put details behind the type of community they want to develop. Shea representatives talked about the importance of creating a community and building continuity with the existing Castle Pines community. 


With the vision statement "a city-close nature retreat that will restore your spirit," the development plans to be respectful of the natural environment, preserve open space and recreation, and include community amenities and gathering spaces. Initial plans for Phase 1 include 1,100 homes, 60% of which will have adjacency to open space, of various types and price ranges. Phase 1 plans also include 15 miles of trails, an amenity center, and three main parks. The details of the development are still to be determined and will be discussed throughout the process which includes public hearings and community outreach.

Don't Leave Cars Unattended

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reminded us all to avoid leaving our cars running while unattended. This time of year it can be tempting to warm up your car while you finish up tasks inside, but leaving your car running while unattended is both dangerous and illegal.

Regional Collaboration

The City Manager presented a summary of the various regional organizations, partnerships, and commissions with which the City collaborates. Participating in regional groups ensures that Castle Pines' interests are considered when pertinent issues, such as growth, transportation, open space, etc. arise. Among the many collaborations, Castle Pines representatives serve on the Centennial Airport Noise Roundtable, the Partnership of Douglas County Governments, Rueter-Hess Reservoir Recreation Authority, and others. Council will consider joining the Denver Region Council of Governments (DRCOG) at an upcoming meeting.