Council Wrap-up from February 28

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 - 5:09pm

Douglas County Sheriff's Office Update

Captain Darren Weekly gave a presentation regarding 2016 crime statistics in the City of Castle Pines. He reported that while crime increased slightly in the City over 2015, the community is a very safe place to live and do business. His primary message was to remind residents that crimes in Castle Pines, and throughout Douglas County, are typically "crimes of opportunity". Crimes of opportunity are committed without planning when a criminal commits a crime with low probability of getting caught. To avoid becoming a victim of these types of crimes, Captain Weekly encouraged residents to keep cars and homes locked and garage doors closed. 

Six new Deputies Assigned to Castle Pines

Captain Weekly introduced six new Sheriff's Office deputies who will be assigned to patrol Castle Pines in 2017. These deputies have over 80 years of combined law enforcement experience and are looking forward to getting to know, and serve, the Castle Pines community.  

Home Rule Presentations

  • Centennial's Mayor, Cathy Noon, gave a presentation regarding the process Centennial went through in 2008 to transition from a statutory city to a home rule city. Prior to becoming mayor, Ms. Noon served as the chair of the Centennial Charter Commission. In this role, she helped lead the process and shared her experience with Castle Pines City Council.
  • Paul Hanley of G.K. Baum presented a "4-Step Public Engagement Process" that may be used if the City decides to move forward with plans to transition from a statutory city to a home rule city. Steps in the process include a needs assessment, community outreach and opportunities for comment, and finally campaign development. This was an informational presentation only, and Council did not take any formal action following the overview by Mr. Hanley. 

Beekeeping Presentation and Ordinance Review

Beth Conrey, bee expert and president of the Colorado State Beekeepers Association, presented comments to a proposed beekeeping ordinance. The ordinance would include an amendment to Chapter 7 of the City's Municipal Code and add a new Article, entitled "Beekeeping". The purpose of the ordinance is to allow beekeeping within populated areas of the City while establishing requirements for sound beekeeping practices. City Council will hear a first reeding of the proposed ordinance at the March 14, 2017 City Council meeting. 


Resolution Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Board of County Commissioners Regarding the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Lagae Road Improvement Project 

Improvements to Lagae Road extend into unincorporated Douglas County and therefore the City and the County have entered into an agreement to outline the terms of design, construction and maintenance of the project. Resolution 17-06 was approved by City Council, which formalizes the agreement between the City and the County.