Council Wrap-up from August 8

Friday, September 8, 2017 - 10:26am

Ordinance No. 17-06: Lagae Ranch Planned Development, First Major Amendment (First Reading)

City Council approved Ordinance 17-06 which seeks to amend Planning Area 6 (PA6) of the Lagae Ranch Planned Development to allow up to 145 attached and detached single family residential units. This amendment to the Planned Development is considered a rezoning and is subject to approval by ordinance.

The purpose of first reading is to move the application forward for public hearing and final consideration, at which time the applicant and members of the public will be able to provide testimony and present evidence on the proposed annexation and zoning. The public hearing was scheduled for August 22. 

Resolution No. 17-14: Coordinated Election Agreement 

City Council approved an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder to allow the city to conduct a coordinated election on November 7, 2017, with the county. Conducting a coordinated municipal election with the county is encouraged and reduces taxpayer expenses and avoids duplication. 

June Financial Statements and Statement of Expenditures

Council approved June's financial statements and statement of expenditures.