Council Wrap-up from April 25

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 5:01pm

Sales Tax Policy Discussion

City Council discussed increasing the funding for road maintenance and necessary repairs. Good roads are necessary to maintain our quality of life and the high standards of the Castle Pines community. Recognizing that the condition of city streets is declining faster than the current rate of repairs, Council discussed asking residents to approve a sales tax increase to provide the necessary funds. Castle Pines currently has the lowest overall sales tax rate of any municipality in Douglas County. An increase would help pay for much-needed repairs on the City's major roadways, which are approximately 25-30 years old. 

Council directed staff to prepare a community outreach program for residents to learn more about the issue and provide opportunities to share opinions through public meetings, surveys and other outreach opportunities. Residents may view a replay of the discussion by viewing the  City Council meeting video online. (Note: Do not use Chrome as your browser, or the video will not play correctly.)   


Sign Code Discussion

The United States Supreme Court struck down the sign code of the Town of Gilbert, Arizona, ruling that it violated the free speech clause of the First Amendment. The purpose of a sign code discussion at the Council meeting was intended to summarize that decision and to highlight actions that the City of Castle Pines should consider in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling. 

City staff is evaluating the current sign code and will be conducting Planning Commission and City Council work sessions to present proposed changes aligning with the Supreme Court decision. 


Council Approves Resolution No. 17-07

Resolution No. 17-07 ratified an emergency Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and the Castle Pines North Metropolitan District to coordinate repairs after a water line ruptured on Dorset Court. Water line and asphalt r epairs have been completed. 


Douglas County Sheriff's Department Update

Captain Weekly gave a monthly update on calls for service in Castle Pines, noting that in April, a number of cars were broken into and items were stolen. He reminded residents to park in garages and keep car doors locked to avoid becoming a victim of vehicle trespassing. 

Weekly also reminded residents that, with the exception of non-profit agencies like girl scout and boy scout organizations, it is against the law for salesmen to go door-to-door without obtaining a permit from Douglas County first. Residents may call the Sheriff's Office non-emergency line at 303-660-7500 to report unlicensed solicitors or report suspicious activity. Residents may also pick up a "No Solicitation" sticker to place near their front door at the City offices, 360 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines. 

In an effort to keep drivers and pedestrians safe, the Sheriff's Office has increased traffic enforcement along Monarch Blvd. and Castle Pines Pkwy. As a reminder, drivers are required to obey posted speed limits throughout the City or they will be ticketed. 


Discovery Running Presentation

A presentation by Discovery Running coordinator, Ashley Oxton, provided an overview of a proposed race she's coordinating in October. Ms. Oxton shared event logistics and requested sponsorship support from the City.