Council Wrap-up from April 11

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - 4:55pm

Ordinance No. 17-02: Granting a Non-Exclusive Franchise Agreement with the Black Hills Colorado Gas Utility Company

City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 17-02 following a public hearing and upon second reading of the ordinance. Approval of this ordinance allows Black Hills Energy the ability to provide natural gas service to residential areas within The Canyons. The mixed use area of The Canyons and all other areas of the City are served with natural gas by Xcel Energy


Ordinance No. 17-03: Amending the Castle Pines Municipal Code by adding a new article pertaining to "Beekeeping"

City Council unanimously approved Ordinance 17-03 upon second reading. This ordinance  allows beekeeping within the City while establishing requirements for sound beekeeping practices.