Celebrate Independence Day Safely

Monday, July 1, 2019 - 4:42pm

Residents and visitors in Castle Pines will be celebrating Independence Day on Thursday, July 4 and City officials and the Douglas County Sheriff's Office are dedicated to making sure festivities are not only fun but safe as well.

Under the City's current municipal code, it is illegal to possess, handle and use fireworks within City limits. This includes all fireworks that leave the ground as well as sparklers, fountains, torches, ground spinners and other displays that do not leave the ground.

Due to the risk of personal injury and unintended fire when using consumer fireworks, the City encourages residents to forgo fireworks at home and attend a professional display instead.

If you believe fireworks are being used in the City, please contact the Douglas County Sheriff's Office by contacting their non-emergency number at 303-660-7500. The illegal use of fireworks in the City may result in a fine.