Master Transportation Plan

A Roadmap for the City's Transportation Needs

Beginning in 2016, and completed in 2017, the City worked with Bohannan Huston, Inc., a local engineering firm, to create the City’s first Master Transportation Plan designed to identify the transportation needs of current and future residents. With many roadways nearing 30 years of age, additional investments are needed to maintain the high standards Castle Pines residents expect.


The Transportation Plan provides direction as the City continues to strategically improve the road network now and into the future. The goals and objectives of the Master Transportation Plan align with the Castle Pines Comprehensive Plan to encourage transportation initiatives that support community character.


Goals of the Master Transportation Plan include:

  • Develop a safe, efficient, multi-functional transportation network designed to promote connections to local destinations;
  • Facilitate cost-effective operations and roadway maintenance strategies;
  • Develop the bicycle infrastructure network to support increased commuting trips and serve the needs of all types of cyclists;
  • Increase pedestrian connectivity, accessibility, safety, and comfort;
  • Facilitate future opportunities for Castle Pines residents to access regional destinations via pubic transit;
  • Develop transportation infrastructure that supports mixed-use development and walkable retail centers.


View the Master Transportation Plan online