Community Reports

The City routinely generates or commissions studies and reports relevant to long-term planning for the Castle Pines community. These studies serve as guiding documents and assist City Council and staff in future planning for the City. 


2018 Design Guidelines: The purpose of the Mixed-Use Design Guidelines document is to provide guidelines for design that Castle Pines has determined are most important to new, infill and redevelopment sites within the City’s designated mixed-use districts. 


2018 ULI TAP ReportThe Urban Land Institute (ULI) conducted a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) to provide guidance on how to revitalize the auto-oriented central business district in Castle Pines.


2017 Master Transportation Plan: The Transportation Plan provides direction as the City continues to strategically improve the road network now and into the future. 


2017 Parks and Recreation Comprehensive Plan:  The PaRC plan provides an opportunity for community leaders and agencies to gather input on the community's vision; address community-driven needs and desires for recreational facilities, trails, open spaces, and reaction programs; and develops an action plan for potential future projects.


2014 Library Sub-Area Study: A study conducted by Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) to assist in determing how the City could coordinate with Douglas County Library District’s new library project to catalyze enhancements in Castle Pines’ commercial center.


2012 Community Assessment: A comprehensive study conducted by Downtown Colorado, Inc. (DCI) that provides tools, insights, and direction to help the City identify downtown revitalization goals.