City Government Overview

The City of Castle Pines is a home rule city under Colorado law and follows the Council-Manager government system with an elected Mayor and City Council. Under this system, the City Council hires a professional City Manager who is responsible for implementing the Council's policies, as well as the day-to-day management of City departments.

Elected Officials

The Mayor and City Council serve the citizens and create policies for the city to follow. There are three wards in Castle Pines, with two City Council members each, elected by the citizens of Castle Pines. View the district map


The Mayor is elected by the community at large. In addition to making policy decisions on a variety of city issues, the Mayor and Council approve the annual city budget and determine the city's yearly property tax rates. The Mayor, Council members and elected officials give a significant amount of time volunteering to serve the community as they are not paid a salary.


General municipal elections for City Council are held in odd-numbered years with three city council seats up for election. Council members and Mayor are elected for four-year terms.

District 1

Council District 1 Map

Approximate population: 3,665

District 2

Council District 2 Map

Approximate population: 3,783

District 3

Council District 3 Map

Approximate population: 3,780