Castle Pines Apartments


Castle Pines Apartments is a multifamily development proposed on the 10.4-acre site at the corner of Castle Pines Parkway and Lagae Road. The project consists of one 3-story and two 4-story apartment builCastle Pines Apartments Renderingdings containing a total of 200 units at a density of 20 units per acre. The buildings will provide one-, two-, and three-bedroom units served by a centrally located clubhouse and leasing office with resort-style amenities. The site is laid out to centralize amenities, provide approximately 30 percent open space and depress buildings into the higher elevation points to promote the appearance of lower building forms. Parking is placed in front of buildings to limit exposures to viewable property sides. The location of this project provides desirable walkable adjacencies to retail and restaurant uses within Village Square which contributes to the areas mixed-use community designation.