Business Licensing & Tax Information

General Information

All businesses in the City of Castle Pines, including home-based businesses, are required to register with the City of Castle Pines and acquire a Business or Contractor License.  If applicable, businesses and contractors will also need to register to collect the City's sales and use tax.

Business and Contractor Licenses are renewed on an annual basis. New businesses are required to submit an application prior to opening.

Sales and Use Tax

The City Sales and Use Tax rate is 2.75%. The total rate of 6.75% is derived as follows:


State of Colorado 2.90%
Cultural & Scientific District 0.10%
Douglas County 1.00%
City of Castle Pines 2.75%
Total 6.75%


Sales Tax

A “transaction tax” that is imposed upon the sale, purchase, and lease of tangible personal property and/or taxable services by persons engaged in business in the City. The state of Colorado collects and administers all Sales Tax for the City of Castle Pines. Please click here for State Sales Tax Licensing information from the Department of Revenue.

Use Tax

Imposed on the use and consumption of all building and construction materials and supplies used on projects within Castle Pines.

Staff Contact

Mike Farina
Finance and Human Resources Director