2018 Resolutions

18-32 A Resolution Opposing "Proposition 112", a Requirement that New Oil and Natural Gas Development Not on Federal Land be Located at Least 2,500 Feet from an "Occupied Structure" or "Vulnerable Area"


18-31 A Resolution Approving The Canyons Filing No. 1, 1st Amendment Final Plat; Case No. FP 18-002


18-30 A Resolution Opposing "Amendment 74", an Attempt to Amend the Colorado Constitution to Drastically Limit State and Local Government Services at a High Cost to Taxpayers


18-29 A Resolution Supporting and Urging a "Yes" Vote on Question 2H at the November 6, 2018, Election for the Establishment of a Home Rule Charter Commission


18-28 A Resolution Joining Livewell Colorado's Heal Cities and Towns Campaign and Setting Forth the City's Commitment to Obesity Prevention 


18-27 A Resolution Approving The Canyons Filing No. 1 Final Plat; Case No. FP 18-003


18-26 A Resolution setting the title for the Home Rule ballot question to be submitted to the registered electors of the City of Castle Pines


18-25 A Resolution Approving Guidelines and Policies Regarding Personnel and Repealing Resolution No. 11-08


18-24 A Resolution Calling a Special Election to be Held as a Coordinated Election and Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement Between the Douglas County Clerk and Recorder and the City of Castle Pines Regarding the Conduct of a Coordinated Election to be held on November 6, 2018


18-23 Approving the Castle Pines Town Center Filing No. 1 Final Plat; Case No. 18-001 


18-22 Approving the Castle Pines Town Center Preliminary Plan No. 1; Case No. 17-002


18-21 Approving an Updated Purchasing Policy to Supersede and Replace the Purchasing Policy Adopted via Resolution No. 18-18


18-20 A Resolution of the City Council of the City of Castle Pines, Colorado awarding a bid for the 2018 Pavement Rehabilitation – Street Improvement Project (Project No. 2018-PW-001)


18-19 Appointing Michael M. Penny as City Manager and Approving an Employment Agreement 


18-18 Approving an Updated Purchasing Policy and Repealing the Purchasing Policy Adopted by Resolution No. 11-41


18-17 Approving an Investment Policy


18-16 Abolishing the Committees of City Council Established Pursuant to Resolution No. 10-67 and Repealing Resolution No. 10-67 in its Entirety


18-15 Appointing a Regular Member to the Combined Planning and Zoning Commission/Board of Adjustment to Fill a Vacancy 


18-14 Approving Change Order No. 1 to the Agreement by and between te City and Brightview Landscape Services, Inc.


18-13 Approving the Canyons Superblock Plat No. 2; Case No. SB17-003


18-12 Appointing a Successor to Fill the Vacancy in Office for City Treasurer


18-11 Appointing Michael M. Penny As Interim City Manager And Approving An Employment Agreement


18-10 Approving The Second Amendment To Professional Services Agreement With NV5, Inc. (D/B/A Nolte Vertical Five) For Additional Services Related To The City's Gateway Improvements Project


18-09 Approving A Professional Services Agreement Between City Of Castle Pines And CH2M Hill Engineers, Inc. For On-Call Land Development Review Engineering Services And Construction Inspection Services


18-08 Appointing A Successor To Fill The Vacancy In Office Of Ward 1 Council Member


18-07 Approving An Extension Of The Term Of The Service Agreement By And Between The City And Brightview Landscape Services, Inc.


18-06 Approving a Separation Agreement And Waiver And Release


18-05 Renewing And Approving An Intergovernmental Agreement With The Board Of County Commissioners Of Douglas County, Colorado, Regarding Public Safety And Animal Control Services


18-04 Reappointing The Municipal Court Judge And Approving A Professional Services Agreement


18-03 Declaring A Vacancy In Office For City Treasurer, Determining To Fill Such Vacancy By Appointment, And Directing Staff To Advertise The Vacancy


18-02 Designating Authorized Signatories On The City’s Bank Accounts


18-01 Designating A Location For The Posting Of Public Notices 

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