2018 Budget

A City's Budget is a reflection of community priorities and a roadmap for accomplishing the City's vision and goals.

The budget not only serves as a financial plan, but also as a tool for accountability.


View the Budget Brief or the complete Budget Book.

Revenue Sources

The City receives revenue from a variety of sources including sales & use taxes, fees for service, and a small percentage from property taxes.

Did You Know?

Castle Pines has the lowest total sales tax of any city in Douglas County and the second lowest city sales tax rate.


Of the entire property tax amount assessed on each individual property, the City of Castle Pines receives approximately 3.5%, directly passed through to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office for law enforcement services. The remaining 96.5% goes to the Douglas County School District, Castle Pines North Metro District, Douglas County Government, South Metro Fire Authority, Douglas County Library, and other local service providers.

Third party

Financial Audits

Having a third party review of financial statements provides a system of checks and balances to assure that City monies are spent appropriately. Auditors review financial statements for accuracy and financial processes to confirm that they are in line with generally accepted government accounting principles.


2016 Audited Financial Statements (pdf)


View previous year's Audited Financial Statements

Snow plow icons

Snow Season Summaries

Snow and ice removal operations are critical for safe transportation and the economic health of our city. Learn more about the City of Castle Pines snow and ice removal efforts, download the 2017-2018 Snow Season Summary

Pavement management

Pavement Management

The Pavement Management Program is a strategic, proactive approach to extending the lifespan of roadways, minimizing the cost of maintaining road surfaces, and prioritizing maintenance and reconstruction projects.