2016 Ordinances

16-10  Repealing Section 27 of the Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance Concerning Site Improvement Plans and Readopting Section 27 of the Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance


16-09 Amending Section 11 of the City of Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance to Eliminate the Principal Use of Automobile Service Station With Gasoline Pumps and Reclassify Parking Lot - Public or Private From a Principal Use to an Accessory Use


16-08 Adopting by Reference the First Printing of the International Building Code, 2015 Edition, the International Residential Code, 2015 Edition, the International Mechanical Code, 2015 Edition, the International Plumbing Code, 2015 Edition, the International Fire Code, 2015 Edition, the International Fuel Gas Code, 2015 Edition, the International Energy Conservation Code, 2015 Edition, the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, 2015 Edition, the International Existing Building Code, 2015 Edition, Each as Promulgated by the International Code Council; Repealing Articles 1 and 2 and Articles 4 Through 10 of Chapter 18 of the Castle Pines Municipal Code; Readopting Articles 1, 2, 4 Through 10 Thereof, and Adopting a New Article 8.5


16-07 Amending Section 2-2-80 of Chapter 2 of the City of Castle Pines Municipal Code Regarding City-Designated Places of Posting Notices


16-06 Approving an Annexation Agreement with Sage Village Properties, LLC


16-05 Approving Initial Zoning of Property Known as the Sage Village Properties Annexation from Douglas County Estate Residential District (ER) to City of Castle Pines Business District (B) Under Section 11 of the City of Castle Pines Zoning Ordinance, Subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Annexation Agreement By and Between the City and Sage Village Properties, LLC and Amending the Official Zone District Map


16-04 Annexing Certain Territory to the City Known as the Sage Village Properties Annexation


16-03 Ordinance Tabled


16-02 Vacating a Portion of Lagae Road Within the Castle Pines Town Center Planned Development and Declaring an Emergency


16-01 Approving a Long Term Lease with Douglas County Libraries for City Administrative Offices

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