Roads in Castle Pines

Over the past several years, the City of Castle Pines has made substantial investments to the road system. Unfortunately, this strategic spending has not kept pace with the community’s needs. Many roads in the community are approaching 30 years of age and will require a significant investment to bring to acceptable standards.


Ensuring the long-term sustainability of the road network requires decision-makers to consider how best to fund the cost of road improvements. We want to get a better understanding of your satisfaction with the City’s road conditions through this brief survey.

Road Condition Satisfaction and Funding Options Survey

Road Maintenance, Repair and Construction Budget

City of Castle Pines Road Budget

Road Conditions

PCI Budget Graph

An additional $2.5M is needed annually to minimize the decline in PCI according to a third-party independent engineering analysis.  


Road Maintenance Budget

Where do a majority of your property taxes go?

3.5% funds public safety and the rest funds other organizations that provide public services.

Property Tax Breakdown

Road Statistics

The City is responsible for more than 35.7 miles of roadway, including maintenance and repair; street sweeping; street lighting; concrete repair, and repairing potholes, cracks, sinking pavement, utility patches, etc.

2017 Priorities

In 2017, the City will repair and replace concrete panels along Castle Pines Pkwy, Monarch Blvd, as well as rehabilitation of some residential asphalt streets. Construction is expected to last through the summer.

Master Transportation Plan

The City’s first Master Transportation Plan identifies the transportation needs of Castle Pines residents and provides direction as the City continues to strategically improve the road network.

Report a Pothole

To report a pothole or other street maintenance issue, please use our online report form.

Report a Street Light Outage

Street light outages should be reported to IREA 303.688.3100. Street light outages in the neighborhood of Hidden Pointe only, report to Xcel Energy.

Staff Contact

Brad Meyering

Public Works Project Manager