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Political Campaign Signs

Please respect the preferences of your neighbors.
It is against the law to remove signs from other people's property.
Political campaign signs
The following is from Section 29 of the Douglas County Zoning Resolution as it applies to the posting of political campaign signs.

2911 - Political Campaign Signs (Amended 5/14/03)
An unlimited number of political campaign signs are permitted provided the signs comply with the following provisions and are removed within 2 weeks after the final election. Sign permits are not required.

2911.01 - Signs may not be placed in the public right-of-way.

2911.02 - Sign setbacks shall be in accordance with Section 2904.04. Signs not exceeding 6 square feet in size shall not be required to meet the minimum setback; however, such signs may not impair visibility for traffic movement.

2904.04 - Signs 15 feet high or greater shall be setback in accordance with the applicable setback of the zoning district in which the sign is located, or as required in 2904.01 herein. However, signs less than 15 feet high may be located within the setback as provided in the following table:
Maximum Sign Height:
Setback from Lot Line:

2904.01 - The minimum setback for a sign adjacent to a federal, state or major county arterial highway shall be a minimum of 75 feet from the lot line adjacent to the highway right-of-way. This distance may be reduced to the zoning district street setback when adequate right-of-way has been dedicated to the state/county for future road widening. Where this requirement conflicts with a setback otherwise required in a zoning district, the larger setback shall be required.
2911.03 - Maximum size: 32 square feet per face, with a maximum of 2 faces.

2911.04 - Maximum height: 15 feet