June News and Notes

Enjoy Parks, Trails and Open Space Activities in the City; Castle Pines Among the Safest Cities in Colorado; Goats return to Castle Pines; Upcoming Community Events; And more

What's Happening

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Council Wrap-up from June 27

Castle Pines Chamber of Commerce Update; Public Hearing: Ordinance No.17-05 (Second Reading)

Council Wrap-up from June 13

City's 2016 Audit; Ordinance for Wireless Communications; Resolution with Safebuilt Colorado, Inc.; Resolution with Wright Water Engineers, Inc.; Resolution Lagae Ranch Filing; March Finances

Meeting Packet for the June 27 City Council Meeting

The compiled meeting packet for the Castle Pines City Council meeting on Tuesday, June 13 is now available online.

Council Wrap-up from May 23

Master Transportation Plan; Public Hearing: Approving Lagae Ranch PD and Zoning Map Amendment; Resolution Authorizing Street Improvement Contract; Sign Code Discussion; Liquor License Hearing

Council Wrap-up from May 9

PaRC Plan Presentation; Liquor License Hearing: Golden Flame Hot Wings; Ordinance 17-04 Approving Lagae Ranch PD & Amending Zoning Map; First Amendment to Safebuilt Professional Services Agreement

Temporary Detour at Lagae Road Roundabout Begins Friday, June 23

Beginning Friday, June 23, traffic will be rerouted on Lagae Rd. north of the southern roundabout, bypassing it completely.